Fiona Cameron-Brown - Writer for hire

Meet Fiona

Bachelor of Arts, Higher Diploma in Education (Post Graduate) (Rhodes) Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

I write.  I love words.  I love cats, cooking and The Husband.  Not necessarily in that order.

I am a remote gig-worker and backroom girl, based in in the Winelands village of McGregor in the Western Cape, South Africa.  I specialise in writing.  I’m a word warrior and writer for hire.

Content (writing) and research management

My serious journey into writing and research management began in early 2021, when a boutique agency head hunted me.  This opportunity gave me the confidence to focus on my strengths: writing – mostly – and research – with some strategic and writing consulting chucked in.  Current and past clients include multinationals, digital and communications agencies. Together with my current clients, we serve multi-nationals and my specific work includes, among other things research, writing and wordsmithing. 

Conceptualisation, policy analysis, systems development

Until around 2017, I ran a micro education and training management consultancy.   I worked with clients in South Africa and abroad, both face-to-face and remotely (before that was a “thing”).  I specialised in project conceptualisation, syndicated research, policy analysis, systems development, quality assurance and compliance.  Clients included tertiary education institutions (local and international), sector education and training authorities, private companies, government departments and donors, as well as grassroots community organisations.  I remain open to this work and will only take on projects that really rock my socks. 

Other things I do

Fiona Cameron-Brown - Writer for hire


Prior to the pandemic, I started a couple of tourism-based initiatives that are constantly being re-imagined on a much smaller scale – as side hustles and services

In addition to cooking and my weekly stall at the McGregor Saturday pop-up market, in my spare time, I blog on WordPress on the social blockchain Hive.  This was my soft introduction to both crypto and blockchain technology.  In that virtual community I play a leadership role, helping to administer a community for somewhat more mature crypto-bloggers and sponsor monthly incentives for noobs to the blockchain.  I now follow both crypto and blockchain with more than a passing interest (if only a layperson’s understanding).



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