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Rates and fees

Fiona offers a range of English research, writing and coaching services.

English writing and research services 

Research projects are priced based on the brief from the client and based on an hourly rate as set out below.  Please use the form below to contact me if you would like samples of past projects.

Writing and content development

You provide the brief, then we discuss the project and the rates based on the table below:

ZAR per hour/part hour

Corporate content

450 to  600

Technical/specialist content

500 to  800

The final rate depends on the complexity of the piece and the depth of research and/or fact checking required.  If the piece requires complex research and detailed referencing, a premium fee applies as do our standard terms and conditions.

Web and content conceptualising and development

ZAR per hour/part hour
Conceptualising, content development and writing includes 450 to  800

1 hour free consultation

Populating websites – depends on complexity


Ongoing website management must be negotiated as a separate project


If you need something different, like editing, proofreading or ghost writing, please get in touch using the form below.

For students of English

English online tutoring and coaching in both real time (synchronously) and via email (asynchronously).   Students may choose tutoring via either mode or in combination, i.e. blended online tutoring and learning.  Sometimes it’s helpful to discuss writing challenges in real time.

For authors and creative writers

Fees depend on whether you require copy and inline editing, or developmental editing and based on a clear brief negotiated with clients. Standard terms and conditions apply.

All rates are quoted and billed in South African Rands (ZAR).

If you are not in South Africa, use this nifty currency converter to see what our services could cost you.

Asycnhronous online tutoring

Business writing and project work

Rates start at


Per 100 word email


100 – 400 word email


Reports, presentation – per hour/part hour


Project work – per hour/part hour


*Project and development work is charged out at a different rates and depend on the duration and brief from the client.  Click / tap here for more about this type of work.   Standard terms and conditions apply.

Academic writing for the humanities and social sciences

Rates start at


Review structure, format, introduction, conclusion & 2 pages of content


Undergraduate assignments – 4


Review structure, format, introduction, conclusion & 4 pages of content


Undergraduate assignments – 4


Writing tutoring for senior students is available and rates will be quoted on a case by case basis and will depend on what is required.   Standard terms and conditions apply.

Blended online tutoring and learning

This is a combination of writing tutoring and real time tutoring.  The fees for these sessions will be based on the standard rates set out above.  If a blended approach is required, this will be included in the programme and the quotation sent to the client in advance.  Standard terms and conditions apply.

How to pay

    • PayPal
    • Electronic financial transmission (EFT) or bank transfer
    • Cryptocurrency:  Bitcoin, Etherum, Hive (HBD)

Terms and Conditions

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