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Living dangerously: writing on the edge – I

Have you ever just wanted to write but don’t know what to write about?

Are embarrassed to share your writing because you don’t think it’s written right?

Do you think that nobody will read your writing?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, here’s an opportunity – especially if you’re still in lockdown and looking for something to do:

To get the creative juices flowing, every day, for five days during lockdown and between 18 May and 23 May, 2020, I shared a writing prompt on the English with Fiona Facebook page.

Does this rock your socks?

For each prompt, you must write at least 200 but not more than 250 words of prose:

Make sure that your writing has

    • A beginning, middle and an ending
    • A few paragraphs

Writing on the Edge

You may choose to use The Most Dangerous Writing App, which does two things:

    1. Gives you a blank page on which to start writing
    2. Lets you write without having to count words – it will stop you when you’ve reached 250.

For this five session exercise, I’ve made it easy:  we’re not using the timer, but rather the number of words.

Here is the link and a screen shot below to show you what to do:

In summary:  Click edit on the grey square, and change “time” to “words” and then select “250 words” and then click the “start writing” button.

The app will open to blank page and will automatically stop you at 250 words.

Of course, if you’d prefer to write with pen and paper, do that.  I often do.

Before you start, you may want to read this.

And then –

    • Type up your writing, or
    • If you’re writing on the edge, copy and paste your writing into an electronic document and edit it until you’re happy with it; or
    • if you’re happy with the finished product, copy paste it as a post here and publish it (you will have to like the page to be able to post).

Then, there’s more:

What if you love what you’ve written, but you’re not sure that it’s ready to publish?

Would you like another pair of eyes to take a look at it?

I’ll do that!

Free online writing tutorial

Send me your writing and I’ll give you one online writing tutorial. For free.

What is an online writing tutorial?

An online writing tutorial is a lesson in writing – based on your own writing.

In the writing tutorial, I work in the document you send to me.  I will

    • point out grammar and other mistakes mistakes (taking creative license into consideration) and
    • give you pointers about how you can revise and improve the piece

Once you’ve you are happy with your writing, you are welcome to publish it here.

Four online writing tutorials for the price of five

If you find the first tutorial useful, and you’d like all five of your pieces of writing reviewed, I will happily do that at the discounted rate of ZAR 395 ($22 or £18).

You can check out my other online English tutoring services and rates here.

To get your free, trial online writing tutorial, you will need to send writing in either a Word or Google document via this email address.

Terms and conditions for this special offer

    • Tutorials availabe only for documents in MS Word, Google and RTF format.  PDF format is not accepted.
    • The terms and conditions set out here also apply.

Can’t write it this week?

Don’t worry, we’ll do it again.  Write tome using the form below, or subscribe to the blog by clicking “Get more English with Fiona”.

I look forward to reading your writing!


PS:  Read my writings here.

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Living dangerously: writing on the edge – I

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